Allyson Burkholder


Allyson has studied art her whole life. She is very passionate about horses, which are a common theme throughout her work. Equine ideas present themselves in her work with their symbolic freedom, to their endowments to humanity. This experience comes from over 15 years experience riding and caring for horses. Allyson was always determined to take art classes from the time she was in elementary school through to the present. Honing skills in drawing and painting in high school led her to evolve into three dimensional art study in college. She is a graduate of Electronic Art from the University of California at Santa Cruz. In art school she mastered a plethora of art forms including silkscreen printing, woodworking, welding and metal fabrication, bronze casting, computer programming for the arts, and sound art. Her favourite types of art are those involving recycled and reclaimed materials because of their rich history adding to the story within the art. Allyson is a resident of Orange County California where she continues to explore new methods in art and horse around.

horse rider